Step Right Up

We live in a nice, middle-class neighborhood.  Unlike many, we actually know and like our neighbors, including the ones who live in the trees, bushes and inside homes.   So that I stay friends with the human kind of neighbors, I want to share a little about a one animal in particular.

There is this cat named “Carnie” who lives with a couple down the street.  I don’t know about you, but until I met Carnie, I never heard of a cat let alone seen a cat that goes for walks everyday.  No leash, no kidding.  Her owners take their dogs for walks and she just follows.  It is the funniest thing to watch.  Without fail, through rain and dew damped grass, she follows the dogs.  Carnie got her name about eight years ago when she just showed up in the neighborhood.  She is white with various colored spots and got the name “Carnie” from the neighbors across the street who likened her to a carnival worker, a “carnie” because she traveled around and was quite colorful.  Carnie soon became pregnant and for the first time, warmed up to the neighbors across the street enough to come in from the cold rain one winter to deliver kittens in their family room.   Carnie wasn’t much for taking care of the kittens as she was destined to return to her carnival life of moving around.  The kittens eventually all got adopted out and the neighbors moved…without Carnie.  It was then that another neighbor took in Carnie.  They gave her a collar so not to be mistaken for one of the feral cats around and strangely enough, she blended in to this family with two  very large, very seemingly frightening dogs.

Like clockwork , everyday Carnie follows her owner and the dogs for a walk…not once, not twice, but four times a day.  She stays about 20 paw steps behind and never looses sight of the dogs or their master.  Every one-in-a-while Carnie ventures back down two houses down to her original “home.”  She lays on the driveway and will approach those who might be walking by.  She is a little bit odd, eccentric, but colorful and friendly, I think Jeni and Brandon gave her the perfect name…Carnie.