I was born and raised in the Mid-west spending the better part of my formative years in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Daughter of a college professor and English teacher turned librarian, I was always exposed to learning.  Much to my mother’s dismay, I wasn’t an avid reader but thanks to her and her making me write thousands perhaps millions of thank you letters over the years, I grew to love writing and connecting with people on a personal level.  And, my mom, the librarian has always been a great storyteller…so, yes, I learned from the best.

Our family was fortunate enough to travel around Europe in the early 70’s and that spawned a love for new places and new cultures.  And while it’s fun to explore exotic places and meet people with vastly different stories than mine, I’ve come to find out that we want for many of the same things: personal peace, understanding, something better for those younger than we are, and joy just to name just a few. 

Writing is a great outlet for me and I enjoy finding unusual and sometimes meaningless topics and finding some purpose for them.  

I live in Florida with my family and pets and enjoy gourmet cooking, swimming, music and volunteering to help children.

Enjoy and thanks again for your support!

One comment on “About

  1. Jackie says:

    Looking forward to reading more stories/blogs!
    I too, learned to writeand enjoy it growing up from having moved so many times as an Army brat. But I have to say I love to read (just don’t have enough time to do it!)

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