A Thankful Time of Year

Osborn lights at WDW Hollywood Studios

Osborn lights at WDW Hollywood Studios

It is officially “the Holidays.”  Sure, holiday accoutrements went up in stores as Halloween approached but once Thanksgiving is over, somehow we launch into a frenzied pitch until January.  This year, more stores started Black Friday as the gravy cooled on Thanksgiving.  What would the Pilgrims think?  First they would be appalled at the amount of food consumed and then all the activities that take away from the intent of the holiday….to give thanks.

As I reflect on Thanksgiving, there are many things to which I am thankful.  A beautiful daughter, wonderful family, obedient pets (ok, obnoxious dogs), a job that allows me the freedom to be creative, daring, helpful and successful without boundaries, good health, fine friends, a roof over my head and yes, turkey in my belly but not so much that I’m like that guy on the Monty Python movie who explodes with a wafer thin mint.IMG_3619

I think about Christmas, the year behind and the year ahead.   The year behind us has brought happy memories to many and heartache to some as they have lost loved ones.  Be happy for the memories you have and remember that they are still with us in spirit through our actions and hearts.  For all of you who are mean to your friends, co-workers, family members and strangers, shame on you.  You are fortunate if they still consider you a friend.  For those of you who have been given a “second chance” at life, quit being a stooge and be thankful and happy.  You bring others down with your anger, acidic words, and frame of mind.  You infect others, so expect it in return.   Just saying, Karma is a bigger jerk than anyone!  Try a little tenderness…sure you may fall flat but at least you tried.  For those embarking on new journeys this coming year, enjoy the ride.  Nothing is guaranteed, the unknown is damn scary, but remember peace with the decisions you have made is a wonderful place and when you expect great things, somehow they happen.  It’s never been said “dream small or go home.”  NO, it’s “DREAM BIG or go home.”

Thanks to my parents who gave us wonderful holidays to remember.  The Christmas Eve parties where hundreds of people of all ages converged on our house.  Where I learned pate’ and caviar are for an “adult palate” and that the punch at one end of the table was spiked.   Where my brother and sister learned their affinity for becoming real estate moguls and development lawyers as we played Monopoly for two-weeks straight and built high-rise condos and mixed land use developments.   Thanks for my parents and grandparents for making one Christmas exceptionally magical by making original hand-made Barbie condos for my sisters and me.  They were awesome!  Oh the memories.

I suppose making Christmas happen for others is what the season is about.  From putting spare change in the Salvation Army bucket to helping others in need.  Young or old, rich or poor, you never know what circumstances people find themselves in at this time of year.  The holidays bring back so many memories good and bad.  I’ve gotten hooked on the Hallmark Christmas movies this year.  Kleenex is seeing an unusual spike in their tissues thanks to me.  My dogs look at me like “what the heck is happening to her?”   My husband rolls his eyes, as usual and makes fun of me.  Note to husband…”Santa is watching!”IMG_5032

Yes, I have plenty to be thankful for.  A special thanks to my guardian angels both known and unknown to me.  You help keep life in perspective and help me to giggle, note life’s wonder and curb my anger when I’m ready to throw darts.  Thanks, in advance, for helping me choose NICE when it comes right down to all that I do in the coming month and year.

There will be more to come in the coming weeks as I will come face-to-face with more stories to share.  In the meantime, consider giving a gift to a child in need and visit http://www.chsfl.org to give a gift that really means so much.

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