I recently took my husband to the airport as he was traveling to Europe to visit family.  As we drove up to the drop off area, I witnessed many different people with one thing in common…a hug.  There were spouses, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, friends, lovers and they were displaying some sort of emotion through their hugs and yes some kisses…but we’ll stick to hugs for this entry.

I love to hug but not everyone does.  In fact, when my daughter was in kindergarten her teacher called to say “you need to have Brianna not hug the other kids.”  Really? How sad.  Upon further discussion, the teacher told me that some kids are quite taken aback by hugs.  Wow, a kid that doesn’t like a hug or know how to handle it.  Those few words made me sad for the kids not getting them or sharing them.  It was then I realized how special hugs can be and how much I had taken them for granted for so many years.

Hugs translate into any language.  They can mean congratulations, happy to see you, hello, goodbye, hey dude you’re cool, I love you, I like you, and so many other things.  And, there are so many different types of hugs….bear hugs, chest bump hugs, over the shoulder hugs, around the waist hugs, and the list goes on.

When was the last time you had a hug?  What was it like?  What was the best hug you ever got?   I give and receive hugs on a daily basis.  Friends, family and sometimes new acquaintances who I feel like I’ve known forever after a conversation.

There are five people that stand out in my mind when it comes to a great hug.  My daughter (of course), her friend Victor, my dear friend Tammie, a new friend Lauren, and the woman who officiated my wedding…Rebecca.  What is it about these five hugs?  Like many hugs I receive, they are genuine, but these hugs are ones that just go to the core.  They really hug like it is the only thing in the world that matters at the time.  They make you feel like if the world ends today, you would remember them and take that hug with you.

It made me think of the guy named Juan Mann who started the Free Hugs Campaign years ago.  Check it out at    Here’s a guy who stood out in a public place with a sign saying “free hugs.”  What would you do if you saw someone with that sign?   Would you be afraid, embarrassed or would you go and get a free hug?  Or do you view it as you’d have to give a hug to a total stranger?  Is it the getting or receiving part that hangs you up?  Or, perhaps it is both.

When was the last time you went to a theme park?  I’m especially partial to Walt Disney World and whenever we go, you guessed it, there are plenty of hugs to be seen.  What is it about a hug from Mickey Mouse, Snow White, or Goofy that just makes you feel good?  Even adults can be spotted giving and receiving hugs from their  favorite characters.

As you read this, think about those people who should get a hug from you and go give them one.  It might be a hug saying “thanks” or “I Love You” or “I’m happy to see you” or “I’m really irritated with you but a hug will make it better.”   You don’t even have to have a reason to hug someone special.

As Bil Keane who does Family Circus says “A hug is like a boomerang, you get it back right away.”  For more great quotes on hugs, check out…

Now, quit reading and go hug someone!

3 comments on “Hugs!

  1. Tammie says:

    What a special story. We take things for granted so much…You are a true and dear friend Val.

  2. Chris Dawson- AGFT Volunteer says:

    Hi Val, Very good & interesting story!! I love givng hugs too!! I like getting hugs too!! We had a great trip to Virginia part of last week and on Saturday at the family reunion and part of yesterday!! I had a great time visiting Aimee & Marc last week on Wednesday evening, Thursday & Friday before we drove to the reunion on Saturday. I’ll tell you more about that later this week. Have some pictures that Aimee & Marc took while I was visiting them. I will e-mail them to you today or tomorrow or sometime this week.

    Have a good day!

    Your Fried,

  3. Chris Dawson- AGFT Volunteer says:

    Hi Val, I also wanted to tell you that I gave my sister lots of hugs while I was visiting her last week in Arlington, Virginia. I love giving her hugs and she loves getting hugs from me!! I love my sister!!

    Have a good day!

    Your Friend,

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