Natural Flavor

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy grocery shopping.  It’s often times an adventure with twists and turns never expected.  Take one recent trip to my favorite place, Publix where they say “shopping is a pleasure.”  I would agree with that statement on most occassions…recent trip included.  Like most retailers, Publix has tempting displays and weekly offers.  Because I have a list, yes a list, special offers and in-store tastings don’t usually sway me.  However, something caught the corner of my eye that I thought “hmmmm, these sound interesting”  What what it?  Wheat Thins….no, not the regular kind, a new bold Smoky BBQ flavored kind.  So, they made a leap into the cart and off we went.  When I got home, it was lunchtime so I sat down with a salad and a small portion of the new Wheat Thins.  WOW!  They actually were better than I thought they would be.  In fact, they were so darn good, I found myself going back to the box.  Finally, after two handfulls, one bigger than the other, I hid them away in the cupboard.  BUT, before I did, I looked at the box front and there, in small print, “Natural flavor with other natural flavor” caught my eye.   What the heck did that mean?  First of all, what’s “natural about bbq” and what is the other “natural flavor” that goes with the original “natural flavor?”  It was like they are teasing consumers with the recipe for Coca Cola (which Diet Coke goes well with the “natural flavor) or Kentucky Fried Chicken.  So, in going to the Nabisco website, they don’t even have the Smoky BBQ Wheat Thins listed.  How awesome is the thought that I might be an anonymous tester of these new gems to the cracker aisle?   Whatever “natural flavor with other natural flavor” means in this case, I like it.

The small print…..This is a personal opinion of this new flavor and I am not a paid spokesperson for the company nor do I work with any advertisers or other food related vendors.

2 comments on “Natural Flavor

  1. Chris Dawson- AGFT Volunteer says:

    Hi Val, Very good & interesting story!! I used to have Wheat Thins “the regular kind” all the time a long time ago. I loved them. They were my favorite cracker!! I haven’t had them in many years because I don’t buy crackers when I go shopping because I eat healthfully now and have been for many years. I agree! Shopping at Publix is a Pleasure! I shop there and so do my parents.

    Have a good day!

  2. says:


    Great story

    Humor – wonder where you get that from?

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